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The first step in choosing a floor is deciding what look you want for each room throughout your home. The floor is a key design element that influences a space’s overall character. With an endless array of exciting colors, patterns, textures and shapes, there’s bound to be many floor design options that will enhance your home’s decor. So, how do you choose? Your final decision will depend on a combination of factors including: personal preference; where the floor is being installed; your budget, including installation; and your lifestyle. We have NWFACPCertified Wood Flooring Inspectors to assist you in your decision.

Among your choices are: Wood: If wood flooring conjures images of traditional oak and pine species and colors, you haven’t seen today’s wood!Laminate: Even experts sometimes can’t tell the difference! Laminate has the uncanny ability to visually replicate the look and feel of wood, stone, brick and ceramic. Vinyl: One category: thousands of designs! Thanks to state-of-the-art printing and embossing, today’s vinyl looks and feels like natural materials such as hardwood, limestone, slate and ceramic. Carpet & Rug: Today’s carpet offers a wide variety of choices in style, fiber composition and color. New technology can produce multilevel loop and cut-loop patterns allowing diamond, bow, pin dot or floral designs that “pop out” in sculptured effects.